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The ALLE-AULA group emerged in 2016 when two other already consolidated research groups chose to merge in order to act collaboratively, optimizing work on research and other activities.

The ALLE group emerged in 1998 with the challenge of "reflecting on written culture and reading, its forms of existence in societies, in different times and places, its production, circulation and reception, inside and outside institutions, its relations with other languages and technologies and the processes of constitution of readers". AULA emerged in 2002 with the focus of study on the initial and continuing education of teachers experienced within the university and outside it, understanding initial education as a deliberate process of insertion and continuity in a cultural community circumscribed by a broad historical-social context in which different practices and discourses circulate.

Since 2016, the ALLE and AULA groups have become a single group with joint interests. Researchers, teachers and students driven by the challenges of research develop reflection on written culture, on the teacher, pedagogical work in the classroom and their training. The name of the group became ALLE-AULA - "Literacy, Reading, Writing and Teaching Work in Teacher Education".